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At Miami Window & Gutter Cleaning, we are homeowners too. We understand you. With more and more people working from home now, especially since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, homeowners are becoming increasingly perceptive and aware of everything going on around them in the home. More of us are looking to take on home improvement projects, which among other things has caused a price spike in home improvement materials such as lumber, concrete and glass.

Naturally, part of this highly observational and reactive nature that has arisen from more of us being at home on a regular basis includes a particularly sharp focus placed on home maintenance.

Contractors of home services such as landscaping, tree service, cleaning, pool maintenance, etc. have seen their demand go through the roof, and the same can be said for those of us who clean windows and gutters. 2020/21 has been the busiest period for us since we came into business.

You don't need us to tell you that sitting at home looking out of dirty windows all day can be extremely depressing. Whereas before we would spend far more time out of the house and be less affected by dirty windows and gutters, and therefore much less inclined to having them cleaned, now we are acutely aware of this issue and how it affects our everyday lives, and more and more of us are calling window cleaning companies like Miami Window & Gutter Cleaning to take this headache away.

Spending for long periods of time in a house whose windows are covered with dirt and grime can be detrimental to your mood and can absolutely have a negative impact on your productivity, holding you back and leaving you feeling not just unaccomplished, but even sad and depressed.

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The idea that you don't notice the dirt on your windows is a common misconception among many of us. OK, perhaps you don't see the dirt that is already built up on the surface of your windows 24/7. However, if we were to come by and clean those for you, you would absolutely notice the difference, with more light pouring into your home and an experience of instant, uplifting gratification on your part.

Cleaning your windows regularly will not only have a positive impact on your everyday life, but it will also pay dividends for your family's life and your relationship with your neighbors. You are not the only person in your household that experiences emotions. If you have a spouse, children, elderly relatives or friends living with you, they too will enjoy a substantial improvement in mood if you hire us to 'clean my windows', all of which results in a happier household overall.

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And those neighbors who walk or drive past your house every day? You may even start to notice a change in how they approach you. If your house looks visibly more attractive because you carried out some simple maintenance such as cleaning gutters, windows, pressure washing your driveway, etc., it is only natural that the people living around you will be more drawn to you and will certainly be more pleased that your house is having a positive impact on the appearance of their neighborhood.

And the best part? If you and all your neighbors were to work together in properly maintaining your homes by means of services such as those mentioned above, having us come out at least twice a year to give your windows a thorough deep clean, the property values in your neighborhood will also benefit. Home buyers are significantly turned off by dirty windows, which can cause a major downturn in demand, and it is such a simple issue to fix!

Call the best window and gutter cleaners in the business today and have us beautify your home.

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