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Feel like hanging from a rope on the 38th floor of your building just to clean its windows? Thought not. There's probably less than 1% of us who would actually take on such a task as cleaning the windows of a high-rise building. However, at Miami Window & Gutter Cleaning, we're not fazed. In fact, that's what we specialize in!

Our beautiful city of Miami has the US's third-tallest skyline with 439 high-rises, over 90 of which stand taller than 400 feet and 65 which are taller than 491 feet. That's a lot of windows to clean, and there are not many others out there willing to do it. However, taking on such a job not only requires guts; you also need to have the proper materials and equipment to get it done correctly and safely. All of our crews are expertly trained in high-rise applications and are kitted out with the proper safety equipment to make sure the project is completed with zero issues.

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Some Of Our Projects

Miami Window & Gutter Cleaning offers a full range of commercial window cleaning and high-rise window cleaning services, with all of our personnel trained in using ladders, aerial lifts, lift access, rope access, swing stage, and other techniques. Our past and ongoing projects include:

  • High-rise office buildings

  • Atriums

  • Hospitals

  • Bank headquarters

  • Business parks

  • High-rise condo/apartment buildings

  • Hotels

  • Many more!

Retaining walls

Miami Window and Gutter Cleaning is fully licensed and insured and serves the greater Miami area. We are a highly customer-focused company and we provide our services based on integrity, reliability, punctuality and visibility. It is essential to us that the image of your brand be upheld by the work of ours, and we strive to form a close partnership with all of our clients that will last for many years. As long as there are environmental factors such as smog, acid rain, sandstorms, and other weather-related events, your windows will get dirty - and we will be there to clean them for you for as long as you exist.

In difficult times, businesses are finding it more and more difficult to cover the costs of maintenance, particularly in areas such as building services. However, keeping your high-rise windows clean has a multitude of benefits not only on the property your business is based out of, but on the image, productivity and profitability of your business as a whole.

Have you ever walked past an extremely tall skyscraper on a sunny day and noticed how beautifully the sun is reflected in the windows towards the higher floors? Could you imagine if those windows suddenly started to become less reflective because of a buildup of dirt and grime on the surface? This would undoubtedly have an impact on the aesthetics of the building from ground-level, and and passers-by would start to associate the condition of your building with the image of your business as a whole.

As your windows become increasingly dirty, the more sunlight is blocked out, which can have multiple negative effects. First of all, the light inside your building will be diminished, which can have an impact on the mood of your staff working inside the building, making them less productive and more likely to be dissatisfied with their working environment. A darker interior can also mean a colder interior, causing your HVAC system to work harder which drives up your utility bills. Meanwhile, a continuous buildup of dirt and grime on the surface of your windows can actually cause permanent damage to those windows in the form of small surface scratches, which can attract more and more dirt leading to an exponential buildup that can become increasingly difficult to remove in the long term.

In light of these factors, never has it been more important to maintain the condition of your building in all aspects, and having your windows cleaned on a regular basis is crucial to the performance of your business. Contact Miami Window and Gutter Cleaning today at (305) 424-7994 and we will help you to resolve one of your biggest headaches.

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