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It has to be one of the least pleasing jobs that a home or business owner can face. Yet the longer we leave it, the worse it gets. Cleaning out the gutters of your house or business is essential for many reasons, which we discuss below. At Miami Window & Gutter Cleaning, the clue is in the name: we'll take care of those nasty built up gutters for you, so you don't have to.

The gutters of your home or business are first line of defense against the destructive effects of water. Not only do your gutters provide you with a level of protection for your doors, ceilings, walls and foundations against water damage, but they also help protect against basement flooding, soil erosion and aesthetic damage to the fascia of the building.

However, in order for your gutters to work efficiently they need to be constantly maintained and kept free of the dirt and debris that builds up in them. This is a project you can take on yourself, or you can have professionals do it for you. However, whichever way you choose, it is an absolutely essential part of your regular home maintenance and cannot be overlooked.

There are a few telltale signs to look out for when it comes to cleaning your rain gutters. If they are clogged, they are no longer able to carry water away from your house, which instead flows over the sides of the clogged gutters and can cause significant damage to your foundation and structural issues, as long as well as mold, mildew etc. All of these issues can cost the home or business owner thousands of dollars to fix. This is why it is essential to inspect your gutters on a regular basis.

If you see signs of animals in and around your gutters, such as bugs or critters, this is a common sign that they are clogged. Many animals will make nests in clogged gutters, such as mice, lizards, birds and even squirrels.

If your gutters are sagging, this may be a clear sign that there is heavy dirt and debris trapped inside them, which has built up to the point that it is trapping so much water that your plastic or aluminum gutters are no longer able to withstand all the weight. If this dirt and debris is not cleaned out soon, your gutters many to be replaced.

Overflowing gutters can also cause aesthetic defects to your property, often affecting the fascia. As rainwater builds up and causes gutters to overflow, that overflowing water, as well as the stagnant rainwater sitting in and around the gutters , can cause damage to the materials behind the gutters and to the shingles on your roof. Again, these can be very costly repairs to make.

If you notice weeds and plants growing out of gutters , that is a clear sign that seeds have made their way into the dirt and debris which has given them a perfect environment to sprout and to thrive.

Our techs are trained to tackle even the dirtiest projects in the hardest to reach places, and are willing to go the distance to make sure your business or your house, including everything structural and aesthetic that goes into it, are protected for the long term.

Whether it's climbing a ladder and donning a pair of gloves to take out the five thousand seasonal leaves that inevitably end up in your gutters each year, or strapping on a harness and climbing on the roof to pressure wash significant dirt and debris out of your gutters (without you having to call a roofing contractor), we have the tools for the job and are willing to get it done.

We will adapt to your schedule, our staff are friendly, punctual and well presented, and we have some of the most competitive pricing on the market.

​Call Miami Window & Gutter Cleaning today and have us take care of the problem for you.

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