Are Your Windows Dirtying Up Your Profits?

If you are a business owner and your property or storefront has public-facing windows, especially at ground level, then any dirt and grime that is attracted to your windows will absolutely have a negative impact on the appearance of your business. When times get difficult (e.g. during a pandemic), it's commonplace to try and cut costs wherever possible, and property maintenance can often be one of those areas. However, hiring mediocre contractors or neglecting to perform certain maintenance tasks at all can have a major impact on the image of your business.

Unlike for homeowners, who are recommended to have their windows cleaned at least twice a year to prevent unsightly buildup of dirt and to improve conditions inside the home, the need for regular window cleaning for business owners is far more pressing, since any negative impact on the image of the business translates to a loss in profits.

What kind of businesses do we service?

Quite frankly, if your business has windows, we can help you. There are no windows we cannot or will not clean, and we have the personnel, the equipment and the resources to do so. Your business deserves to be properly maintained, and you deserve the best in the business.

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Some of the business types we already have in our portfolio include the following:

High Street Store Fronts

Residential Window Cleaning

If you have ground-level windows in your high street public-facing store, it is absolutely imperative that they be kept sparkling clean. Nobody is coming into your store if they can't see what's inside through a pane of glass!

Mall Store Fronts

Residential Window Cleaning

The same goes for storefront windows in shopping malls. Appearance is everything, and some mall requirements are so stringent that you need to maintain your windows at least once a month or more. We can do that for you!

Boutique Shops

Residential Window Cleaning

If you own a high-end boutique shop selling products such as clothing, furniture, fine homewares, etc. , your storefront must be kept impeccable if you want to attract those big spenders. Get it cleaned today!

Office Buildings

Residential Window Cleaning

Perhaps a little less noticeable than storefront windows, those in your office building are nevertheless equally as important as having dirty windows can have a major negative impact on the productivity of your staff.

Department Stores

Residential Window Cleaning

Have you ever walked into a major department store whose front entrance windows are covered in dirt and rain marks? Thought not. Your brand depends on your entrance looking impeccable, so your windows need to be kept clean.

Happy Shoppers

Residential Window Cleaning

Ask any store owner on New York's 5th Avenue how important they consider to be cleaning floor-to-ceiling windows and they will probably tell you that it is their #1 priority. High-end business demands a high-end appearance.

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